The essential black book for all your celebrity talent needs.

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Established by Louisa McKay, who has been casting and booking celebrity talent for TV shows and appearances for 18 years, MaJoR Talent is reputable and our experience in the entertainment industry spans the globe.


Our team has established and developed relationships with some of the industry’s leading players, from record labels to managers, publicists and talent agencies. We’ve sourced, and secured talent from the worlds of film, music, television, comedy, sport, literature, fashion, food and theatre, and our little black book lists the contacts for the ‘who’s who’ of celebs from just about all backgrounds. We’ve played instrumental roles in creating unforgettable television content, lucrative celeb endorsements, sizzling product launches and revered red carpet events. With senior management in London, Dubai and Sydney, as well as extensive networks across the US, we offer unparalleled reach and unrivaled connections.

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Working from a detailed brief, we draw up a list of celebrity suggestions to suit your project. We’ll work with you to agree a short list, for us to target, and from there we’ll reach out to the desired talent and take care of all the necessary negotiations in order to secure the celebrity you need. We will provide you with regular updates on the status of our negotiations and enquiries and depending on the size of a project, and the benefits to be gained, we can appoint a member of our team to work in-house to establish relationships with you and your company.